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The Story

Before buying a home built in 1963, I never collected a thing. I most certainly didn't collect furniture. After buying our mid century ranch, my life changed. I became obsessed. I bought so many vintage lamps and furniture items that my excess purchases started to overflow to my husband's storage warehouse. I started to resell the pieces I couldn't use out of a small storage unit with a huge boat in it. Eventually, the boat left, but I still needed more room for my ever-growing collection. Today, my life is not just full of classic mcm pieces, it's full of great people I get to share my passion with on a daily basis.  

It's Evolving

Just like life, the warehouse is constantly changing. Our hours are limited because I work another job through the week, but I live close by and am always happy to meet outside of our "normal" Sunday hours.* I look forward to meeting you and seeing your collection and finds!

*Thank you to my friend Zach for not so gently pointing out that I had previously misspelled a word in this sentence. Please note that if you happen to meet Zach at the warehouse, please do not look him in the eye. He bites.     

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